How to Play Nerdle and Daily Answers!


Inspired by the really popular game Wordle, Nerdle is an equally as fun daily math game that, instead of challenging players to find a 5-letter word, asks them to determine a math equation!

More precisely, as part of the game, you need to guess an equation containing 8 characters within 6 or fewer guesses.

As for clues, the players use arithmetic characters from previous guesses to help them arrive at the correct answer.

In case you’re ever stuck and want to check the answer, click here for updated daily answers!

But before that, if you’re here as a first time player and would like some guidance on how to actually play this fun math game, here’s all you need to know!

The basic rundown of the instructions is as follows:

– The goal is to guess a math equation by typing it in either via your keyboard or the buttons provided on the page.

– After entering your guess in, press Enter.

– Ensure that your equation is mathematically correct.

– The game provides color coded hints, a green character meaning it’s correct and in the right slot while a purple character means it is indeed within the equation but in the wrong slot.

– If the characters keep their black background, however, it means they are not in the daily Nerdle.

– As mentioned before, just like in the case of Wordle, you have a total of 6 tries to get the right answer so try your best!

– Naturally, your next guess should match the correct letters of the previous guess.

– If you get all of the correct characters, use them to find the correct slots and solve the Daily Nerdle!

And that’s pretty much it! Reading about it may still sound a bit more confusing than it actually is so just start playing and you’re sure to figure it out. All that remains is to have fun and exercise your brain at the same time!

Ionela Ghergus
Ionela Ghergus has been writing for multiple publications since graduating university in 2015. She strongly believes learning is a lifelong process so she has many interests and knowledge about a variety of topics she loves to share through her product reviews and guides. She is especially passionate about technology and how it constantly transforms the world we live in, which is why covering tech news and compiling best gadget lists is currently her biggest focus as a journalist.