Hogwarts Legacy – Players Uncover an Important Mechanic Was Removed During Production.


There is a ton of content in Hogwarts Legacy, but as time passes, more and more seemingly cut content becomes apparent, especially with the addition of new mods.

But even without cheating, you can tell that some game content was removed during production. And if there was any question, the game’s files make it clear.

Cut content is a typical aspect of game development, of course.

There is nothing unusual about content being cut from games during development, but fans will be disappointed to learn that it appears a companion system was removed from the game at some point.

This becomes rather obvious during quests like “Well, Well, Well” and “Ghosts of Our Love.”

Although we do not know how comprehensive this companion system is, some quests feature characters with multiple lines of dialogue, which suggests that it was either already fairly developed or at least far enough along to have recorded the lines before dropping this feature.

One player took to social media to post that: “Yo, I am using the companions mod and Sebastian commented on this treasure map quest. He had three comments during the entire thing. I knew there were some unused lines that hinted at a missing companions feature but this one shook me.”

Yo, I’m using the companions mod and Sebastian commented on a treasure map quest. He had 3 comments during the whole thing. I knew there were some unused lines hinting at a missing companions feature but this one shook me. from HarryPotterGame

The developer studios involved, Avalanche Software and WB Games are yet to officially address any of the rumors that this discovery has generated for the time being.

In other words, it is still rather unclear why this was removed from the game, but it was probably because of a lack of resources, time or because it did not meet a certain standard of quality, as these are the only reasons content is typically removed from games while they are still in development.

Are you disappointed this feature was removed or is it something you didn’t miss while playing?

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