Here’s the Best Drink to Consume for Tackling Memory Loss


Let’s face it: each and every person forgets stuff from time to time. Forgetfulness isn’t necessarily a reason to worry, although in many cases, it can be the beginning of serious mental health issues. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s begin to install through mild memory loss.

Therefore, trying to eliminate any form of memory loss is a great idea. Our brains are like a muscle. If we don’t put them to work as often as possible, there’s always the risk for them to degrade over time. But there are also other ways of keeping them healthy: consuming specific drinks.

Drinking coffee is the key

Coffee has a lot of health benefits if you know how to consume it. A report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease speaks about some studies that have found that coffee can reduce the risk of dementia, fight the terrible Alzheimer’s disease, and slow cognitive decline.

But how can coffee be so helpful when it comes to our mental health? Its caffeine content represents one of the possible explanations. The presence of the antioxidant levels from the caffeine represents another possible explanation. However, if you prefer too much sugar in your coffee, the drink may not be too useful anymore for your mental health. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, however, considering that sugar by itself is not very healthy if you’re consuming it in large doses.

Here’s what WebMD had to say in an old article about forgetfulness:

Whether forgetfulness is simply a sign of normal aging or a symptom of MCI or dementia, you should raise any concerns you have with your doctor. Your health care team is there to help you maintain your cognitive health, or mentation, which is a top priority for most people.

Trying to maintain a healthy and balanced life is one of the best decisions we can all make.

Cristian Antonescu
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