GTA 6 Update – Release Date And Next-Gen News

Ever since GTA Online was released, it became a massive hit among the community of gamers. Rockstar worked heavily on developing new multiplayer content for the title that brought them extreme incomes.

While the game became a huge hit, developers worked hard on Red Dead Redemption 2, and it was finally launched after multiple delays in 2018.

That is significant proof that Rockstar Games can work on multiple big projects simultaneously, which may be good news for the gamers who discovered the developer.

Many people are trying to learn more information about GTA 6, which led to many outcomes and revelations for various weekend researchers.

That includes analyzing recent LinkedIn modifications, one of which made the headlines online.

CharlieIntel, a member of the Rockstar Games dev team, updated their page to feature a small bit of information.

Analyzing a past role of CharlieIntel, the information listed on LinkedIn (currently removed) read “Unannounced Titles (TBC).”

It makes sense that GTA 6 would be part of the new games being worked on by the developer, as various reports say that the game was under development for many years now.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any news on the other games (the TBC titles).

Bully 2 was rumored to be in the works for next-gen platforms, but it was canned before being announced.

However, if the sequel to Bully isn’t coming to market anymore, it’s improbable that it would get labeled as a To-Be-Confirmed (TBC) title.

Bully and GTA 6 aren’t the only highly-anticipated title from the developer. Some reports suggest that a full remastered edition of GTA4 may be coming to next-gen platforms.

As a next-gen version of GTA 5 is expected to launch this fall, there is various news Rockstar may share, even if they are not related to GTA 6.

Fans have high hopes that the company would make a big announcement during Super Bowl 55, which will occur later this year.

Rockstar Games may choose to announce its next title to the GTA franchise whenever they want and however they want, so we can’t tell when, where, or how it will take place for now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was initially teased with a Twitter post, so it makes perfect sense that the Super Bowl is a perfect launch site for the title, but the franchise’s popularity renders that redundant. Rockstar simply doesn’t need flashy presentations to promote their new games. There are millions of people eagerly waiting for new titles as soon as they are launched.

The bad news is, the chances are that we likely won’t be introduced to the reveal of GTA 6 this year.

We are slowly nearing the tenth anniversary of GTA 5, and Rockstar is still going strong with the title, pushing new content in GTA Online and adding various microtransactions.

GTA Online evolved a lot from where it started. It used to be a lot like the single-player game, with regular vehicles and just a bit more multiplayer madness. However, joining a lobby today will put you face to face with alien weapons, vehicles, outlandish outfits, and, unfortunately, many griefing players.

One thing is certain – Rockstar takes its time with its new games for good reason – They don’t want to disappoint their fans, and that is good enough for us to be more patient!