Diablo 4 1.1 Patch Notes – Release Date, New Features and Price Tag

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The first season of Diablo 4 was unveiled by Blizzard on July 6. The new season, which will tell a side narrative concerning the spread of a new sort of corruption over the realm of Sanctuary, was formerly known as Season of the Malignant. It will take place after the main campaign of the game will take place after the game has been completed. This newfound tyranny will provide you with some lethal equipment that will assist you in slaying demons and saving the world from destruction. Awesome!

When will Season of the Malignant become available in Diablo 4 Season 1? How about the new stuff? Check out all the info below.

Release Date of Diablo 4 Season 1

On July 20, the first season of Diablo 4, titled Season of the Malignant, will become available on live servers. The greatest part is that even though we do not know the timing, we have a cool live stream on the season’s website, and the website also has a countdown timer. That’s very great!

What are some of the things you want to see in Diablo 4 Season 1?

According to what we’ve observed on the timer, you should be able to begin playing Season of the Malignant on Thursday, July 20, at the same time in all areas across the world. Examine the following schedules:

  • 10 am PDT for those on the west coast of North America
  • 1 pm EDT for those located on the east coast of North America
  • 7 pm CEST in Paris 
  • 6 pm BST for those in the U.K. 
  • 2 am JST in Tokyo

Each and every season of Diablo 4 includes free updates to the game’s content. Simply logging in, making a seasonal character, and traveling to Kyovashad within the game to begin the quest is all that is required of you to get started with cultivating Malignant Hearts and experiencing the new narrative mode.

The Battle Pass may be purchased at one of these three different price points:

  • Free
  • Premium — 1,000 Platinum ($9.99)
  • Accelerated — 2,800 Platinum (a price of $24.99)

What’s new in the first season of Diablo 4?

Season of the Malignant brings a new gameplay concept to Diablo 4 called the Malignant Heart, which Blizzard claims will enable some insanely strong build combinations. Throughout the course of the season, you can use these Malignant Hearts in lieu of unique jewels in any of the three items of jewelry in your collection. However, in contrast to gems, each of these items has its own unique ability that is similar to a legendary one, and they are exceptionally potent.

In addition, Blizzard dropped hints regarding more than 30 fresh Malignant Heart abilities coming in season 1, a new boss encounter, as well as numerous new Unique goods and Legendary Aspects. Neat!

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