GTA 6 – Potential Vice City Map Compared To Los Santos!

A seemingly leaked Vice City map, possibly the setting for Rockstar’s GTA 6, was recently compared to Los Santos of GTA V to provide fans with an impression of its size and scale.

Though it isn’t yet confirmed by Rockstar, GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated titles of all time.

Leaks and rumours keep circling around the sixth instalment of the franchise.

The hype reached an all-time high on May 10 when a supposedly leaked map that seems inspired by Vice City resurfaced.

The satellite-like map was initially posted online in 2018, but most people doubted its originality due to its lack of detail.

However, it made a comeback with significantly more detail, provoking a new spike in fans’ hype level.

The map appears seemingly normal at first glance, with a small island bordering the core landmass of the setting’s southeast coast.

As for its size, the map appears to be somewhat smaller than what GTA V offers.

Though some may be disappointed by that possibility, we have faith that Rockstar will produce a highly polished and detailed world, regardless of the map’s size.

The comparisons were uploaded on Reddit by u/Blue_Grapefruit, who also included size comparisons of some points of interest like an Airport and Military base.

Despite the comparison’s information, you should keep in mind that the leaked map is not yet confirmed, and it will stay like that until Rockstar provides us with an official first look at what they are working on.

However, we probably won’t see the entire world map until the game is officially released, which won’t happen anytime soon, so don’t get your hopes too high up.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.