GTA 6 MUST Include This Feature!

Rockstar has to bring out an iconic San Andreas system to bring an extra touch of realism in GTA 6.

Expectations are intense for the upcoming entry to the Grand Theft Auto Franchise. Rockstar hasn’t yet confirmed any of its plans regarding the game, but rumours about a return to Vice City have been creeping around the web for years now.

Fans are getting their hopes up for a return of the Gang Warfare side missions from San Andreas, which let players expand the Grove Street families’ power across Los Santos.

That required Carl Johnson to start a gang attack and trigger a gang war with the likes of the Ballas or the Aztecas to control their turf, though most of the game’s map was unconquerable.

Still, the system added an extra touch of realism on top of an already delightful experience, so it would make sense for Rockstar to reintroduce it.

Rockstar may use the power of next-gen systems to turn that mini-game into a core mechanic of GTA 6’s open-world gameplay.

Vice City had several factions like the Bikers and the Haitians. Some AI may help them create their own turf and patrol a set area. From that point, it would be a matter of time until they encounter the protagonist and try to fight them.

There could even be an option to choose to form an alliance with one of Vice City’s gangs right from the start. You may pick the Forelli Crime Family (if they will still be around in the next game) and have them as an ally while you fight other gangs over control for points of interest.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.