Google Play Services (Android TV) version 21.21.15 Beta Is Live With Extra Improvements

Google is one of the most successful tech companies of the moment. They develop both software and hardware products.

One of their most popular software products is Android, one of the world’s most widespread operating systems. Android is so capable that it can run on numerous devices, including smartphones, tablets, some sort of laptops, and, lately, TVs, in the form of Android TV.

However, make no mistake, Android TV is just as complex as the smartphone version of Android, which means that it can run apps, receive updates, and much more.

Android TV, just like the smartphone counterpart, uses Google Play Services to work correctly.

Google Play Services updates Google apps and other apps from the Google Play Store.

That component features core functionality to Google services, synchronized contacts, access to the newest user privacy settings, and top-notch, low-power, location-based services.

Google Play Services also takes care of other things like speeding up offline searches, providing extra-immersive maps, and better gaming experiences.

It is essential to keep in mind that numerous apps may fail to work if Google Play is uninstalled or isn’t at least up to date.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you are always up to date with your Google Play Services improvements.

The app has just reached version 21.21.15, and it is widely available.

We strongly suggest that you go ahead and install the latest Google Play Services update as soon as possible, if your smart device hasn’t yet installed it.

As you can see, the app is quite fundamental, and numerous components of the operating system may misbehave without timely updates.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest goodies, would you?

Tonia Nissen
Based out of Detroit, Tonia Nissen has been writing for Optic Flux since 2017 and is presently our Managing Editor. An experienced freelance health writer, Tonia obtained an English BA from the University of Detroit, then spent over 7 years working in various markets as a television reporter, producer and news videographer. Tonia is particularly interested in scientific innovation, climate technology, and the marine environment.