Google Pixel Fold Will Come With a Self-Repair Option

Photo by Kilian Seiler on Unsplash

After companies such as Samsung and Apple implemented self-repair programs for their smartphones, it’s time for Google to jump on the bandwagon as well. The Mountain View-based tech giant is preparing to release its own foldable device known as the Google Pixel Fold. It seems that Google will give users a chance to repair their Pixel Fold phone by themselves, according to 9to5Google.

Perhaps nobody is perfectly comfortable with the idea of leaving their smartphone in the hands of a stranger, even though it’s for repair purposes. However, those willing to benefit from Google’s self-repair program will have a few months more to wait.

Google Pixel Fold’s self-repair program will arrive in 2023

Without knowing a precise release date for Google’s DIY program for the Pixel Fold, we know for sure that it’s coming this year. Google will team up with iFixit for its self-repair program. Thus, the users who wish to repair their smartphones by themselves will receive replacement parts, such as batteries and ports, as well as the necessary instructions that are needed.

In conjunction with its self-repair initiative, Google has introduced an innovative offering known as the Preferred Care program. This remarkable service goes beyond traditional warranty coverage, providing an extended warranty option in the case of Pixel Fold devices with expired protection. Users can choose to opt for a convenient monthly subscription or a one-time payment to access this program. In the event of damage, Google will expertly mend or replace broken components for a reasonable fee. To facilitate the process, customers can choose between two efficient avenues: they can either visit a physical store or utilize a hassle-free mail-in service.

Would you be willing to benefit from Google’s self-repair program, or would you be hesitant? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section!

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