Google Pixel 8 Could Feature a Smaller Display Than Previously Thought

Credit: Unsplash

Google entered the smartphone manufacturing business since a few years ago already, and there are both complaints and voices that cheer for the company to create even more such devices. The Google Pixel series started back in 2016, and as for now, the Mountain View-based tech giant is expected to release the Pixel 8 series at some point.

Google released the previous Pixel 7 series of smartphones back in 2022, and there are already some interesting rumors circulating online regarding the possible successor. Looking back in time, we can remind ourselves that the standard Google Pixel 7 features a display that measures 6.3 inches. That’s a little surprising considering the general trend of top companies to create smartphones displays that are larger and larger. And if the new information is true, the upcoming Google Pixel 8 will amaze people even more with the size of its display.

Google Pixel 8 could feature 6.16 inch

Thanks to tech expert Ross Young, we can learn about the display of the future Pixel 8, which will likely reach only 6.16 inches. That’s great news for those who are looking for powerful and compact smartphones.

We can expect that Google will also apply one of its latest Tensor chipsets for the upcoming Pixel phones, as it has already done with other devices of the series.

Since we can’t say that Google has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to its upcoming Pixel 8 phone, it’s our right to remain a bit skeptical of Ross Young’s claim. It’s interesting to see how the fans will react if what Mr. Young says is not true.

We’ll surely get rid of all doubts regarding all of the specs and features of the Pixel 8 in a short while, probably a few months. If all goes as expected, we might see the new Google Pixel 8 flagship smartphone released this year in October.


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