Google I/O 2023: the Pixel Revolution is Coming Soon

Credit: Google

The Google I/O event is going to stir quite the buzz and excitement this year! From new Pixel smartphones, including a sleek foldable one and a tablet to Android 14, we cover everything in this article today. What do you expect from Google this year?

The practice of the tech giant to regularly release or launch various new hardware at its I/O developer conference is expected to continue in 2023. However, this time around, a Pixel revolution is expected! The company CEO, Sundar Pichai, even hinted at information regarding Pixel devices and some new and “exciting new developments” for Android.

Here’s what we expect at the Google I/O this year:

Pixel Fold

Credit: @evleaks

Google has said that a Pixel Fold will be released shortly. According to rumors, the foldable will sport a 7.6-inch internal display running at 120Hz in addition to a sleek 5.8-inch exterior screen. Pixel Fold is supposedly due in June for about $1,700, and it might draw its power from the Tensor G2 CPU, which uses 12GB of RAM. Different levels of quality are also suggested by camera speculations, but we’ll find out more during the Google I/O event.

Pixel Tablet

Credit: Google

This tablet right here is something really practical! The Pixel Tablet is two gadgets in one, and it looks incredible. It features a cool speaker dock and may be used as a smart display in addition to being portable. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

It also flaunts a unique nano-ceramic coating that is said to really feel premium, and it has the same Tensor G2 processor as the Pixel 7. According to some fresh leaks, the Pixel will be a mid-sized 11-inch tablet with 8GB of RAM and a starting price of roughly $660 for 128GB of storage plus a dock.

Pixel 8 Presentation

Credit: OnLeaks/ Smartprix

And we have…yes, another Pixel phone! It is after a Pixel revolution at Google I/O 2023, right?!

A Pixel 8 reveal during the Google I/O 2023 event wouldn’t surprise us. I mean, based on previous events, Google did offer a hint about the Pixel 7 last year! However, the Pixel 8 series is believed to draw its power from an advanced Tensor processor (could that be the Tensor G3?) with 8GB of RAM in the base model and 12GB in the Pro.

Android 14

Credit: Google

And our last stop: Android 14! I/O 2023 will officially mark the release of Android 14, and we couldn’t be more excited. The company really aims to deliver Android 14 in late summer because test versions have been accessible since February.

The changes that have been officially verified thus far are only minor upgrades, but hey don’t be disappointed! Google often waits until I/O to announce big public-facing updates or modifications to the user experience. So, until then, think of some more app security, better accessibility, longer battery life, and personalized sharing tools. Major upgrades haven’t been made yet, but let’s see what the Google I/O event hold!

Stay tuned for more cool Google tips and news!

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