Google is Finally Showing the New Pixel Fold Phone And It’s Incredible!

Credit: Google

Google is gearing up to introduce the new Pixel Fold in a couple of days! Pixel Fold is currently one of the most anticipated smartphones, and it’s clearly why. With less than a week left before the major Google event, the Google I/O 2023, when the Pixel Fold would be formally presented, Google rather unexpectedly showed the gadget that had been the subject of years of rumors. Practically, the company confirmed the existence of the Pixel Fold in a tweet on Thursday (May 4). Check it out below:

What are your thoughts about the next-gen foldable smartphone by Google? Do you think the Pixel Fold could face its rivals?

Despite being only an 8-second teaser, it actually provides sufficient information. An apparent sleek phone with a nearly similar metallic camera bar on the back can be spotted, which is genuinely impressive! It is also pictured next to another major Google thing: two (thin) Pixel 7s placed on top of one another. How cool is that?!

Although the tech giant is keeping well wrapped up in any Pixel Fold specifications, it’s become more typical for phone manufacturers to showcase their goods prior to their own events in an effort to generate anticipation. It also sets expectations at a time when it’s challenging to surprise people with something really unexpected and new. I mean, what could be new nowadays? Everything looks a bit like a copy of another thing.

On the other hand, there goes the price. Pixel Fold is rumored to debut with a price tag of around $1,700, which is not that bad, considering other foldable smartphones.

Finally, we can say that it hardly come as a surprise that Google is choosing this path with foldables. However, it’s possible that the tech giant waited until the technology was somehow further developed before releasing its best model.

Georgia Nica
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