Dungeons and Dragons Releases Monsters Created by Children!


New monsters have been made available by Dungeons & Dragons, all of which were inspired by artwork created by kids who receive care at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

With that being said, six new monsters created specifically for Dungeons & Dragons 5E are included in the new online supplement “Misplaced Monsters: Volume 1,” which was just released by D&D Beyond.

As mentioned before, all of the new monsters that have been included in the addition, are based on drawings made by kids from the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Furthermore, the monsters’ skills and attacks were based on descriptions supposedly supplied by the same kids as well!

This makes the new monsters even more special and unique!

A few of the creatures included in the addition are the half-fish, half-horse fey monster Coral, a gardening proficient Dandylions, and the cat-like creature known as Rain, who can turn wicked beings into bouquets of flowers.

The robot-like Scrapper and two dragons, Seth, a shape-shifting dragon, and Sheldon, a “blueberry dragon” that resides in Wildspace and cans blueberries at foes, are also present. So fun and creative!

Previously, Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life collaborated on charity additions, like those that featured playable locathah and grungs.

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals get a direct donation of every supplement’s net earnings.

A yearly Secret Lair set including kid-created imagery that has been reimagined by expert Magic creators is also released by Wizards of the Coast.

All sales of “Misplaced Monsters: Volume 1,” which retail for $5.95, benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

This special supplement is available for purchase on D&D Beyond so make sure to get it if you are interested!

Ionela Ghergus
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