Google Brings SGE a New AI Search Engine: Here’s How to Sign Up

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Google announced the debut of Search Generative Experience, aka SGE, an experimental version of Search that incorporates artificial intelligence solutions right into the results. As great as that could be, there’s a catch! You have to sign up for Google’s SGE first. So, what should you know about SGE, and is it really worth your attention?

Unfortunately, SGE is currently not accessible to the general public. We’ll have to register via Google Search Labs. Then, search for the waitlist for Search Labs, which is presently only available to a select group of US residents (only available in English). Check it out here.

How does Google’s SGE work?

As you’ve probably guessed, SGE employs artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate answers to our queries directly on the Google Search homepage. It’s a bit different than our typical Google Search, if you think about it, as it uses AI and displays a list of blue links.

And speaking of colors. After your query in Google Search, a green or blue box will pop up and expand with an original reply produced by Google’s extensive language model, much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Also, what’s great is that Google’s SGE can get you some exact findings if you need them. All you have to do is to ask follow-up questions. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

What are your thoughts about generative AI tools and Google’s approach so far? Would you give Google’s SGE a try?

How to Sign Up For Google’s SGE?

Here’s the full guide on how to sign up for Google’s SGE:

  1. Go to your Chrome browser on a PC
  2. Sign in to the Google account
  3. Open a new tab
  4. Check out a Labs icon (of a beaker) at the top right, but only if Labs is available to you
  5. After you’ve noticed the Labs icon, just click on it and then Join Waitlist


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