Get Ready For Tricky April Fools in Pokemon Go: Shadow Aipom, Ditto Spawns, and More

A new event is debuting in Pokemon Go soon, celebrating April’s Fools Day! Niantic announced it recently, and we have all the details.

The popular prankster holiday will arrive in Pokemon Go, too, featuring the series’ Team Rocket, the trickster Ditto, and more yet to be discovered. The new event will continue celebrating special real-world holidays, with fantastic stuff and a lot of fun.

Here is what you need to know.

Tricky April Fools Event: Release Date and Start Time

Pokemon Go will welcome the new Tricky April Fools event on April 1 from 12 AM until 11:59 PM local time.

The brand-new event will last only for a limited time, unlike other celebrations, such as the Valentine’s Day unique festival. Players who will log in during the announced time will get to meet the greatest pranksters of all time, Ditto, Purrloin, and of course, Croagunk! 

But that’s not all. The fun won’t be complete until Team Rocket arrives. Niantic revealed a Shadow Aipom available to catch and special Rocket research. 

All players must complete the research by April 8 to receive a Super Rocket Radar to spot Giovanni, who also comes with a Shadow Zapatos.

All the Limited-event Features: What to Expect

The Tricky April Fools limited-time event will introduce the following features:

  • Team Rocket - every encounter will come with a Shadow Aipom.
  • Ditto - a sleek new disguise for it will be available;
  • Boosted Spawn Rates - Croagunk, Ditto, Aipom, and Purrloin;
  • Go Battle League - the switch timer will be cut in half (it will be just a prank);
  • PokeStops - increased Rocket takeover will be available;
  • Snapshot - capturing a photo will come with a surprise;
  • Team Go Rocket Timed Research - complete the research from April 1 to April 8 for a Super Rocket Radar.

Make sure to mark your calendar for the new adventure featuring some great April Fools stuff! Stay tuned for more details soon.

Georgia Nica
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