Google Pixel Watch Update: What New Features We’ll Get?

Credit: Google

Google is gearing up for new exciting stuff this summer, and it starts with some much-needed updates! The tech giant will release both the Pixel Watch May 2023 update and the May 2023 security upgrade for Pixel devices. The update is currently available, but there’s a catch. Google explained that the update will go out “over the next week in phases.” So, what features to expect?

Well, even if it doesn’t bring any notable features, it does come with improved security, which is definitely essential. RWDA.230114.013 is the build number for the Pixel Watch upgrade if you want to check it out.

What are your thoughts about the Google Pixel Watch?

Unfortunately, we don’t know other details about the Pixel Watch update, as Google is still keeping everything under wraps. However, on the Google Pixel Watch Help page, we can read that “the May 2023 software update includes the latest security patches for Pixel Watch users.” What other features we might get to see it’s still unknown.

So far, Google has done a fantastic job of maintaining its smartwatches and other devices up to date. And we can’t complain about the whole process. Of course, we would love to see some cool new features and other improvements, but fear not! We will definitely see more of this at Google I/O 2023 event next month. The company is expected not only to launch updates but new devices, too! For example, the Google Pixel Fold has stirred quite a buzz lately, and we might witness its big debut soon.

Some go further, and they are even speculating about the possibility of a next-gen Pixel Watch, as it has established itself as one of the best smartwatches of 2023. It’s difficult to predict whether Google will introduce a Pixel Watch 2 any time soon, but everything is possible if we keep our fingers crossed. What would you really like to see at the next Google event?

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