Fortnite’s Impostors Mode Tips & Tricks – How to Play and Get Rewards

Source: Epic Games

A new LTM is now available in Fortnite called Impostors Mode and is inspired by the popular game, Among Us.

The recent Fortnite update v17.40 introduced the new story-related LTM for players and the beloved DC hero Wonder Woman. Unlike most LTMs, which we played just for fun, the Impostors Mode is quite challenging, and we have to complete Assignments and find the Impostors. How cool is that?

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know, including how to play the new LTM and the available rewards.

Play Now the Impostors Mode in Fortnite: Here’s How

What you need to do to play the brand-new Impostors Mode is:

  • Open Fortnite;
  • Check if you have the update v17.40 installed;
  • Go to the lobby and select Change Mode;
  • Search for the new LTM, Impostors Mode and select a Public/ Private session;
  • Press Play and wait for the matchmaking!

BONUS: Impostors Mode can be played with a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 4 players; 8 players will be Agents, while 2 players, the Impostors.

Source: Epic Games

How to Earn XP in The Impostors Mode

There are a few hidden challenges to complete while playing the new LTM, and they can get you a pretty decent amount of XP.

Here are the XP quests:

  • Play a match: 1,500 XP;
  • Perform Sabotages as an Impostor: 3,000 XP;
  • Eliminate Agents as an Impostor: 4,000 XP;
  • Spend time playing in a Match: 3,000 XP;
  • Win a match: 3,000 XP;
  • Complete assignments as an Agent: 4,500 XP;
  • Complete a match: 3,000 XP.

How to Win as an Agent

Source: Epic Games

First, you have to complete many Assignments, survive through the match, and succeed to find all of the Impostors.

TIP: watch for any strange and suspicious activity from other players, and don’t end up alone!

When an eliminated player is caught, use the voice commands to Discuss the situation. Vote with your team and expose them.

How to Win as an Impostor

If you want to win as an Impostor, you should know that’ll be quite challenging.

You have to eliminate all of the Agents without being uncovered.

TIP: use different Sabotages, including starting a Peely Party, where everyone is disguised in Peely costumes, or disabling Assignments for Agents.

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