Fortnite’s Find the Flames Puzzle Solution; Here’s How to Solve It

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Fortnite Season 3 includes a number of secret locations on the map that can only be accessed by solving riddles. Finding the flames and placing them in the correct order is a part of the puzzle. As interesting as that might sound, some players find it quite challenging to solve it. Worry not!

But Season 3 also introduced a new jungle habitat to the Battle Royale, complete with grind vines, mud, and some cool ability fruits. Three more POIs were unlocked for us to investigate as well, each of which led to a new region with its own secret missions and tasks. What can you find there? From Epic and Legendary items to Gold Bars.

Here’s how you can solve Fortnite’s Find the Flames puzzle:

You must demonstrate your dexterity and how well you know Fortnite’s POIs in order to unlock the newly revealed secret locations. One such thing is locating and properly arranging some flames. So, what’s the deal?

Epic Games

Get to the location marked on the map up top. When you arrive, you should have looted every chest in the area and be in possession of at least two items of Epic rarity.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, you may climb the steps to a secret entrance that’ll let you in exchange for something quite valuable! Upon contact, you must offer an Epic or higher rarity item, kind of as a sacrifice. After that, the concealed door will gradually reveal itself, and you’ll be ready for the next part!

Proceed on until you come to a plank over a pit; from here, it’s a short hop to the statue protecting the Epic treasure.

You can go back to the top of the steps by smashing a few stones on your way out of the ruins and up the plank. Watch out as there’s a second door down by the planks where you’ll have to make yet another offering. The catch is that you can’t gain access to the chamber with the fire puzzle unless you engage with it and exchange one of your Epic or better items for a key.

At last, you’ll see pillars ablaze with some firey sculptures resembling a fire. Go ahead and use the secret passageway; doing so will trigger the quest “Find the Flames.” Congratulations, you did it!

The flames outside the secret entrance will be extinguished and then rekindled, just as you saw it happen the first time. Did you get that?! When the correct procedure is followed, a secret room will finally open up, revealing a number of standard and epic chests. Wow, that’s incredible!

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