Fortnite Will Welcome The Flash Soon: What to Expect

So far we’ve witnessed one of the best crossovers in Fortnite, with sleek skins from Star Wars, God of War, and even the popular hit series Stranger Things. But Epic Games won’t stop now.

Fortnite is gearing up for a new hero and a brand-new skin. The DC Comics character, The Flash, will soon arrive in Fortnite Season 5!

Here is what you need to know.

The Flash Crossover is Coming Soon: New Skin Hinted

Fortnite fans are always eager to find out what fantastic crossover Epic Games will bring next. Recently, we’ve just got confirmation of what’s new, and everything looks incredible!

Following appearances from one of the most beloved and controversial DC Comics characters, like The Joker or Poison Ivy, we’ll get to see the marvelous Flash coming to Fortnite.

In a recent tweet, Fortnite and YouTuber Ali-A posted a photo of The Flash’s sleek skin with the message:

“The FLASH is coming to Fortnite!” 

You can see the actual Twitter post below:

More details

The Flash’s skin seems to be based solely on the CW’s live-action version of Barry Allen (The Flash). 

However, Epic Games hasn’t officially announced a thing on its official social media accounts. But we should expect a statement soon.

The Flash’s arrival has been tipped by a lot of reputable tipsters and leakers. So, we have all the chances to see the beloved character coming to Fortnite.

How to Get The Flash Skin

The Flash’s skin will be available in the in-game shop in the coming days. Currently, we don’t know exactly how to get the new skin, but leaker HYPEX has offered some hints.

The leaker talked about a Flash Cup taking place tomorrow (February 10). The Cup will grant the skin early.

Chances for The Flash to be a Battle Pass reward are none. As for a Crew Pack skin, the chances are the same.

We’re going to discuss more as the new crossover arrives at Fortnite.

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