Fortnite Season 6 Soccer Characters Locations – Where to Find Them

Soccer has become quite the deal in Fortnite. Most players enjoy soccer-related cosmetics and skins, and the last addition is pretty impressive.

Neymar Jr. is now unlockable in Fortnite Battle Pass owners. However, as great as this could be, like other “secret skins” from previous seasons, we need to complete a few challenges to unlock him. Curious to find out more?

Here are all the soccer characters locations in Fortnite.

Galactico Fortnite

Our first stop on the map is to look after Galactico. The player can be found very easy, right at Pleasant Park.

Hit the road and go to the soccer field located at the centre of the POI. So far, Galactico has been proved to be one of the easiest soccer characters to find.

Derby Dominator

Derby Dominator, as tough as it might sound, won’t be hard to miss. Go to Holly Hedges and take the very easy side of the POI to find the soccer field. 

The character is very popular, so you might want to be careful when landing at the POI. Many other players are also doing their best to get to it.

Shot Stopper

Our final stop on the map is at Dirty Docks. Shot Stopper is another soccer character that we need to locate and find.

First, search for the soccer field at Dirty Docks, located at the southeast corner of the POI, next to the water.

The location might be a real challenge for you, mainly because of the size of the POI. So, you have to remember the exact steps to the location.


Galactico, Derby Dominator, and Shot Stopper are currently the only three soccer players that we can get on the map for Neymar Jr. challenges. 

Remember that the competition is tough and the locations will be soon full of players looking after the three soccer characters.

Georgia Nica
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