Fortnite Season 5 New Week 14 Challenges: What Should You Know

Fortnite has just added a new set of challenges ready to test your driving skills and help you get more XP.

With only a few weeks to go until Season 5 is over (March 15), we don’t have much time to reach that sweet Level 250 of our Battle Pass. And, of course, to unlock all of those sleek Sapphire, Zero Point, and Topaz skins! 

But, with a little help, you’re getting there quicker. Find out how to complete the new challenges and collect more XP.

Here is what you need to know.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 14 New Challenges Details

The new challenges are available starting March 4 at 9 AM ET and include 7 Epic quests, 40,000 XP each, and 1 Legendary.

As you can notice, all the tasks come with a pretty impressive XP boost. 

Epic quests

  • Go to different restaurant kitchens (2);
  • Collect Cookbooks from Craggy Cliffs and Pleasant Park (4);
  • Drive from Sweaty Sands to Pleasant Park (1);
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables (8);
  • Drop off a vehicle at the gas station in Catty Corner or Lazy Lake (1);
  • Earn Bars to hire a character (150);
  • Drive from Pleasant Park to Lazy Lake (1). 

Starting with the harvesting challenge, all you have to do is go to Orchard Farmers Market (north of Colossal Coliseum). The rest is pretty easy.

Next, collecting 4 Cookbooks from Craggy Cliffs and Pleasant Park might be a bit hard, as you have to do some hunting at the locations. Then, visiting restaurants just to access their kitchens should be really fun. 

Go northeast of Colossal Coliseum to Pizza Pit, or head to Sticks at Craggy Cliffs. Or you might want to try Durrr Burger, southeast of Holly Hedges.

Finally, the driving challenges! As you might know, these tasks are usually a bit off because cars tend to bug a lot out in the game. Hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to avoid that and enjoy a nice loose theme.

Legendary quest

  • Damage opponents at more than 50 meters away (1000/2000/3000/4000/5000).

Fortnite Season 5 ends with a legendary quest that might challenge your skills a lot. Luckily, we have tips and tricks for you!

Try using the commonly-found Lever Action Rifle to deal great damage. The weapon is perfect for long distances and uses more traditional aiming. 

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