Fortnite Players Can Use a Weapon to Shoot Through Walls in Chapter 4 Season 1

Source: Pixabay

Imagine being able to shoot through walls in Fortnite! Talk about an advantage! You could be hiding behind cover, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and BOOM – suddenly, you can take out your opponents without even having to expose yourself. You could be the ultimate stealth assassin, sneaking up on your enemies and taking them out before they even know what hit them.

Plus, think about all the times you’ve been stuck in a building with an enemy, and you had to spend forever trying to break down the walls to get to them. With a weapon that can shoot through walls, that problem would be solved in a jiffy! So if you want to dominate the competition and become the ultimate Fortnite champion, make sure you get your hands on a weapon that can shoot through walls!

The Shadow Tracker weapon allows you to shoot through walls in Fortnite

According to Sportskeeda, Shadow Tracker is the weapon you need if you want to shoot your enemies through walls during Chapter 4 Season 1 of Fortnite. Many new weapons are up for grabs in the game, though, but the Shadow Tracker is clearly the next level. No other weapon in Fortnite is capable of shooting through walls.

The Shadow Tracker weapon that is able to shoot through walls can be obtained by purchasing it from Evie, an NPC (non-playable character) found at the Shore Shack landmark in the southern region of Shattered Slabs. Evie can typically be found inside a blue house in the area and will be present in every game. If you don’t have enough Gold bars to make the purchase, a good way to earn them is by completing bounties. These tasks can be obtained from various NPC characters throughout the game and will reward you with Gold bars upon completion.


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