Fortnite Crew Pack July Edition – Battle Pass, Loki Skin, and More

News about a brand-new Crew Pack arriving in Fortnite has created quite the stir lately. The Crew membership comes with a bunch of sleek stuff, including a Battle Pass, exclusive skins, V-Bucks, and other monthly benefits.

Now, the July edition of the Fortnite Crew Pack is finally here. From a sleek Loki skin, access to Save The World, to four extra Crew bonuses, you need to make sure you won’t miss a thing!

Curious to find out more?

Fortnite Crew Pack: Start Date and Price Tag

The Fortnite Crew Pack aired on June 30 at 5 PM PT, 8 PM ET, 1 AM BST and is available until the end of the month. The full price list for different currencies includes:

  • $11.99
  • €11.99
  • £9.99

The price tags are actually excellent considering that the Battle Pass is around $9.50.

Fortnite July Crew Pack Rewards

Epic Games confirmed that the exclusive skin available this month is the Marvel anti-hero Loki. That’ll also come with some cool accessories and other stuff.

Here’s what you can find inside the Fortnite July Crew Pack:

  • 1,000 V-Bucks;
  • Access to Save The World;
  • Access to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass;
  • Four extra Crew bonuses throughout July;
  • Loki Skin;
  • Chitauri Chariot Glider;
  • Loki’s Scepter Pickaxe;
  • Loki’s Cape Back Bling.

Keep in mind that the rewards will vary monthly. The Fortnite Crew Pack is now a popular event to open every time!

Epic Games released a statement recently explaining:

Monthly Crew Packs always contain a new Outfit along with at least one accessory. All items are exclusive to Fortnite Crew members.”

So, you know what to expect next month.

How to Sign Up For Fortnite Crew

  1. Open Fortnite on your device;
  2. Go to the Battle Pass menu screen;
  3. Click on the Fortnite Crew signup icon;
  4. Complete the signup by entering all your details.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news soon!

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