Fortnite 22.40 Update – Tainted Towers, Grapple Glider, Bug Fixes, and More

Source: Epic Games

The Fortnite 22.40 update has just kicked in and is the last one before the end of Chapter 3 Season 4. From Tainted Towers and new Rocket League cars to some much-needed bug fixes, the Fortnite 22.40 update sure has it all!

Fortnite Chapter 4 has been confirmed to launch in December 2022, so it’s nice to see one last update to spice up things on the Island. Curious about Fortnite v22.40?

We’ve compiled a cool guide on everything you need to know about the new update below.

Fortnite v22.40 Update: Rocket League Cars

Fortnite v22.40 added the Rocket League cars we know from the Creative mode onto the Island. They’re totally sleek, and you should check them out!

Source: Epic Games

The Rocket League cars are pretty impressive, considering that they have some sleek rocket boosters, can do a double jump and supersonic speed, can also dodge, and even drive on walls. How cool is that?!

And the best part is that the Fortnite v22.40 also comes with some Rocket League Quests that you shouldn’t miss. They’re based on the Rocket League cars and offer quite the rewards! From a pickaxe, and free cosmetics to skateboard bling, as you can see below:

Source: Epic Games

The quests are also great if you want to grab some sweet XP and level up your Battle Pass.

Fortnite v22.40 Update: Grapple Glider

The new update added an exclusive item dubbed Grapple Glider that allows you to pull yourself into the air right before gliding away to safety. Great, isn’t it?!

Take a look at it:

Source: Epic Games

The Grapple Glider spawns at different POIs, including Chrome Chests or regular ones and Supply Drops.

And now the award for the biggest change goes to:

Fortnite v22.40 Update: Tainted Towers

Tilted Towers has just become the Tainted Towers thanks to the Fornite v22.40 update!

Such an upgrade is definitely hiding something about the upcoming event. Epic will have to reveal more details soon!

And talking about changes, how about the following one?!

Fortnite v.22.40: A New Lobby

Thanks to the upcoming Fracture live event for

Chapter 4’s arrival, we’re getting a brand-new lobby background. Popular tipster @ShiinaBR has shared more information on Twitter:

Fortnite v22.40 Update: Bug Fixes

The only bug fix that we apparently need is the following:

  • Prop Movers have an issue with the reactivation in a round in Creative Mode

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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