Rocket League Octane Cars in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Where to Find Them?

Source: Epic Games

Wondering where the Rocket League Octane cars in Fortnite are? Thanks to update 22.40, we can have some fun with epic vehicles from the Creative mode. How cool is that?!

As Chapter 3 is slowly but steadily getting closer to an end, Epic adds the last update we can all enjoy. From new items and a few changes to these lovely Rocket League Octane cars, you shouldn’t miss! Check out below all the cool details about them, including where to find them on the map.

Fortnite Rocket League Octane: Locations on the Map

Source: Epic Games

Are you having trouble finding any Rocket League Octane cars? Well, check out all the locations below:

  1. At the northern side of Chromejam Junction
  2. At the northwestern corner of Greasy Grove
  3. At the center of Shiny Sound, under a floating platform
  4. On the northwest side of Cloudy Condos
  5. On a racetrack south of Chrome Crossroads
  6. Towards the middle of Tainted Towers
  7. At the start of the race course at Chonker’s Speedway
  8. The northern side of Rocky Reels

Notably, there are 8 locations where you can find the lovely Rocket League Octane cars on the Fortnite map. They shouldn’t be too hard to find, but if you’re still looking for an in-depth map, the one below will offer you all the details:


The locations are marked precisely on the map so you can find them quickly!

Fortnite Rocket League Octane Cars: How to Drive One?

Source: Epic Games

Finding a Rocket League Octane car is easy, but how about driving one? Well, now comes the fun part!

Driving a Rocket League Octane car in Fortnite is similar to how you usually drive any other vehicle. There are, of course, some differences.

For example, the cars have built-in remarkable rocket boosters that allow you to reach a speed boost. You can also try that to escape the Storm. How nice, right?!

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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