Fix: Snapchat Doesn’t Work Properly on iPhone 15

Photo by May Gauthier on Unsplash

The iPhone 15 series has finally been released, and our excitement levels are through the roof! However, if you are also a user of Snapchat, you have definitely come across an odd problem recently. Luckily, you’re not alone! The user interface on every variant of the iPhone 15, including the original iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, along the high-end iPhone 15 Pro models, is experiencing some issues. Because of these flaws, the user interface (UI) becomes deformed, which in turn causes specific material to become inaccessible and the app to have unintentional blank spaces (oops!).

In point of fact, we went through something very similar back in 2022. It was due to the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro models, both of which had the Dynamic Island feature. It was necessary for Snapchat a bit to recognize and fix the problem, but they eventually did it!

So, how exactly do you stop the glitch that affects Snapchat on the iPhone 15? Here’s the thing:

Joining the Snapchat Beta version will allow you to correct the problem that affects the iPhone 15. The beta version has been actually improved to give a more streamlined experience for iPhone 15 devices, which is really cool. It should also make it less likely that users will run into any problems. And if the beta version is not now available to you, you shouldn’t be worried about it! A new upgrade for Snapchat is currently in the works, and it will be released soon.

What exactly is the problem with Snapchat on the iPhone 15?

Since the iPhone 15 models have thinner bezels than the iPhone 14 version, as was discussed before, the Snapchat app, which was designed for the older model, might have difficulties relating to the positioning of user interface components and the content arrangement on the new iPhone 15.

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