YouTube Can Now Dub Videos into Other Languages and It’s By Far the Coolest Update

The new technology that YouTube has made available can automatically dub films into various languages, and it’s really very remarkable. An artificial intelligence dubbing service developed by Google’s Area 120 incubator will soon be available worldwide to create a new kind of video experience. How cool is that?!

YouTube is working on a feature that would go beyond simply translating subtitles and will instead enable content producers to dub their films into other spoken languages. Yesterday (June 22), the company made the announcement at VidCon that it is now testing an AI-powered dubbing service called Aloud. This service was developed at the Area 120 incubator at Google. Let’s delve into more information on the most recent upgrade to YouTube!

A “quality dub in just a few minutes” is the claim made by the AI service Aloud. After generating a text-based translation that the producers may examine and change, the application will next build a dub for the content. Users have access to a variety of narrators, as well as publishing options and other customization options. The website for Aloud boasts that the service is provided at “no charge,” which is maybe the most appealing aspect. Watch Aloud in action below:

There are presently “hundreds” of producers participating in YouTube’s testing of the tool. According to Aloud, it is now only accessible in the English language and allows you to subtitle it into the Spanish and Portuguese languages, with “more languages coming soon.”

According to what was discussed in Google’s latest keynote, having the capability to effortlessly dubbed languages may broaden a creator’s reach without the need to do anything extra. There is currently no information provided on when Aloud’s dubbing tool will be made available to a wider audience. However, in the future, YouTube plans to “make translated audio tracks sound like the creator’s voice, with more expression and lip sync,” based on the statements made by YouTube’s officials.

Georgia Nica
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