Finally, A Crypto Victory: UK Judge Says Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto

It looks like the truth prevails once again in a world in which such things seem lost for good. Finally, a UK judge has now ruled the fact that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright is not the creator of Bitcoin, judge rules

The whole X space is celebrating the fact that Hodlonat is happy following the latest decision that Craig Wright has been caught lying, officially.

Now, the Bitcoin legend Hodlonaut is celebrating like there’s no tomorrow following a lengthy court battle with Craig Wright.

Coindesk hopped on the happy train and wrote, “Craig S. Wright is a fraud. That is not just my opinion, but that of Mr Justice Mellor of the U.K. High Court, who ruled today that the self-declared inventor of Bitcoin is not as he claims. Over the past five years, Wright, an Australian national, has wasted hundreds of hours of court time and millions of dollars suing a number of people who challenged his assertions.”

Hodlonaut’s fans are also celebrating, with one of them saying:

Hodlonaut wrote the following message:

“Rich ore being excavated from the BSV cope mines after the judgment. To them, Craig Wright remains the most knowledgeable person in Bitcoin that they have ever known. Additionally, Craig is basically Paul Moa’dib Atreides from Dune, the lisan al gaib, the messiah, and the God Emperor.”

Just to refresh your memory, Hodlonaut, known for his cartoon cat avatar on Twitter, was sued by Wright five years ago for libel. This happened after tweeting that the 53-year-old computer scientist was a fraud and a scammer.

It’s important that we note the fact that after a two-month-long trial brought by a consortium of cryptocurrency companies called the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) on behalf of the Bitcoin community, presiding Judge Mellor has stated in no uncertain terms that “the evidence is overwhelming” that Wright has been lying for years, as per Coindesk. 

The whole crypto industry is celebrating that justice has been served.

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