FIFA 22 Will Bring Exciting Changes to the Gameplay

Judging by the way EA Sports has been dealing with things until now, we’re about three months away from the release of FIFA 22. It’s hard to believe that the ongoing pandemic will delay the release as it happened with FIFA 21, which means that all we can do is buckle up and keep an eye on the news to see what the upcoming game will bring next.

Looking at a new article from Dexerto, the future sounds bright for the renowned FIFA game series. EA SPORTS will reveal the changes for the new major instalment of the FIFA series at EA Play Live in July, but until then, let’s check out together the info we have until now about FIFA 22:

Exciting gameplay and custom tactics up ahead

Yesterday, June 23, trusted leaker KingLangpard has spoken about the new leaked content:

In the following tweets, Langpard detailed the gameplay changes:

Player Switching: When defending, pressing R3 lets you choose between 3 of the closest players and they all have an arrow set for the direction you flick R3 towards Can still also use R1 or flick the right stick as normal.

2nd man press: It is nerfed a bit, there’s a little green arrow above the player that is 2nd man pressing and it depletes quickly (3-4 seconds max), soon as it depletes the player’s press isn’t as intense and basically non existent, also pulls your player out of position.

Will we be playing matches in FIFA 22 on empty stadiums? Will Kylian Mbappe still be on the front cover? Will the National Team of Croatia (aka the the second-best team in the world according to the 2018 World Cup) finally be added to the roster of teams? Only time will answer those questions. What’s for sure is that a huge number of football fans and gamers are eagerly waiting for FIFA 22.

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