Fairphone 3 and 3 Plus Receive the Android 13 Update

Credit: TechRadar

Even though pretty much anyone who uses Android phones is eager to get his hands on the Android 14 version that lands in full version at some point in the fall, we must keep in mind that the previous Android 13 was the bee’s knees back in August 2022 when it came out.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are still smartphones out there that receive the Android 13 update. That OS version was known for introducing customizable apps and security controls.

Android 13 is available NOW for Fairphone 3 and 3 Plus

Fairphone has started to roll out the Android 13 update to everyone who has a Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3 Plus at home. The news comes at about half a year since the same update became available for the successor model, meaning Fairphone 4 device.

In another important tweet, Fairphone explained regarding the update for Fairphone 3:

You might have also noticed that we skipped Android 12 and went straight for Android 13. This has to do with the fact that the chipset manufacturer no longer supported it, so our amazing internal team has taken over software support.

Since Fairphone has taken over software support for its previous models, the Fairphone 3 and 3+, it is now aiming to add two extra years of support to the Fairphone 3, taking the last update into 2026. This would be a feat for the modular device and amazing news for its owners.

Fairphone 3 was launched in 2019, and it came with Android 13 out of the box. Having a display size of only 5.65 inches, Fairphone 3 remains one of the smallest and most compact smartphones out there.

If you have a Fairphone 3 or 3 Plus, it is crucial to keep it connected to a WiFi network. The update should arrive to you soon enough, as we anticipate that it may take a few days or maybe even weeks until it reaches everyone.

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