Elon Musk Takes Humanity One Step Closer To Mars: Starship Launches For 3rd Time

It looks like Elon Musk is celebrating yet another Starship launch. Humanity gets closer and closer to Mars, according to what he has to say. Check out the video showing Musk’s recent achievement below.

Musk’s Starship marks huge victory

Here is the post that Musk shared on his social media account on X below:

Here is another exciting video that he shared:

The mainstream media also addressed the matter, and BBC is one of them. They recently posted that US company SpaceX’s Starship rocket made major progress in its third test flight on Thursday, completing many of its objectives.

The two-stage vehicle successfully launched from Texas and sent its upper portion for re-entry over the Indian Ocean.

Radio contact was lost towards the end, but the firm said it was “incredible to see how far we got this time around”.

The rocket took off from its launch mount with a thunderous roar produced by its 33 engines. The vehicle proceeded to successfully navigate through all the expected stages during its ascent to space.

The separation of the booster, the bottom half, from the Ship, the top half, occurred precisely as planned at two minutes and 44 seconds into the flight. The Ship then powered on, crossing the Atlantic and Southern Africa.

BBC also noted the fact that video cameras sent back spectacular views of Earth from more than 100 miles up.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting tech ride that humanity is taking.

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