EA CEO Andrew Wilson Says Apex Legends IP Crossovers Are Still Possible!


Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson said that as the brand aims to develop and expand over the next ten years or so,

Apex Legends IP crossovers are not “off the table” following the release of “Arsenal,” which is Season 17 of the game.

For such a partnership, no particular intentions, however, were made public.

Wilson stated during the company’s Q4 2023 earnings call that Apex Legends remains “front and center” with regard to EA’s business strategy following a time of resurging popularity in which it smashed its concurrent player count record on Steam with no less than 610K concurrent players and had a 20 percent increase in engagement in Season 16 when compared to the season before it.

But unlike the rest of the shooter game market, the Titanfall offshoot battle royale hasn’t done much in its 4 years of existence to partner with other series for crossover projects.

In response to a query on the potential for substantial IP crossovers and their strategic importance to Apex, Wilson said the following:

“I think what you have heard from us, and surely the performance in Q4 is testament to it, is Apex is one of the most powerful franchises in our industry and certainly one of the strongest when we talk about content as a platform, a game experience as a platform, Apex’s certainly front and center when we think about our business model. We have a significant player base with some incredible retention. ”

“And as is the nature of these free to play environment, there are ebbs and flows. And I think what’s unique to Apex is its ability to engage and reengage all through those ebbs and flows. We are going to continue investing in the IP broadly, both geographically from a platform, extending play, extending story. And for what it’s worth, I do not think anything is off the table. I believe that as we think about game IP today, it is kind of like comic book IP of twenty or thirty years ago. This is the IP Gen Z and Gen Alpha maybe identify the most with, and I think that the opportunities for us to continue and grow and expand and stretch the nature of the experiences that we are able to offer to our global player base over the following decade and beyond is unfettered.”

The relationship between the game and its parent Titanfall franchise has also received little attention, despite a text string containing a list of Titanfall maps being datamined in Apex Legends last year.

However, no such crossover has yet occurred, and gamers will probably have to wait a long time until a more significant Apex Legends crossover event finally takes place.

Ionela Ghergus
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