Dragon Ball’s Potara Earrings Become Up for Grabs

Credit: Pixabay

Goku and Vegeta joining powers by fusing with one another into Gogeta or Vegitto is one of the most epic moments in the Dragon Ball universe. It’s the time when two warriors combine their powers to give birth to an entirely new being that has characteristics from them both. Goten and Trunks have also used the fusion technique in Dragon Ball Z to give birth to Gotenks.

In order for one type of fusion to be successful, Goku and Vegeta need to put on the Potara Earrings. Each of the fighters needs to put one earring on an ear in order for the fusion to take place. The hilarious fusion dance is no longer necessary as long as the two warriors who try to fuse use the Potara Earrings that were given by the world of the Kais in Dragon Ball Z.

But what if the fusion would work in reality? Or at least you can have some fun pretending to fuse with somebody else, because the Potara Earrings are now up for grabs in the real world! That’s right, as Dragon Ball has proven over time to be very diligent when it comes to bringing elements of the famous anime into the real world, whether we’re talking about dragon balls, costumes, the wacky and spiky hairstyles, and so on.

We can also take a look back in the history of Dragon Ball Super to remind ourselves about two otherwarriors who used the Potara Earrings to fuse into one being: Zamasu and Goku Black. The fused version of the two villains gave birth to Merged Zamasu. In fact, Goku Black and Zamasu were a single being from the very beginning, but from different timelines. Goku Black was also Zamasu, as the evil deity killed Goku and stole his body in a different timeline.

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