Dragon Ball’s Goku vs. Superman: Who is the Strongest?

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If you’re a fan of both Dragon Balls Goku and Superman, surely you’ve wondered at least once which one of those beloved characters the strongest. Both Goku and Superman are superheroes capable of amazing powers, and both of them fight for the side of the good. Both of them fight for justice and against those who want to harm the innocent.

Another interesting similarity between Dragon Ball’s Goku and Superman is that both of these two characters are aliens who came to Earth as babies inside their spaceships. Both of them were sent to Earth decades ago when their home planets were no longer habitable. Both of them are amazingly strong and are always willing to take down their enemies.

Short answer: We don’t know

It’s impossible to save for sure if Goku is stronger than Superman or vice versa. That’s because both of these Heroes have their own special powers and techniques.
When it comes to Raw strength and durability, superman is often depicted as one of the beings in the DC universe. His Kryptonian physiology is to blame, granting him superhuman strength, invulnerability, heat vision, speed, freeze breath, and flight. The power levels of Superman can vary depending on the storyline and the version of the character, but he is consistently portrayed as an incredibly formidable opponent who is capable of taking on the most powerful enemies.
As for Goku, the Saiyan Warrior from Dragon Ball, she indeed possesses ordinary strength, speed, and martial arts skills that have made him capable of overcoming increasingly powerful fools throughout his adventures. Goku is even capable of raising his power level to Godlike proportions, due to his transformations and techniques, such a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, and more.
What’s for sure is that Goku is pretty different from Superman when it comes to their battle techniques. Superman has techniques that Goku cannot perform, such as heat vision, laser beams from the eyes, or freeze breath. On the other hand, Goku also has some techniques that Superman does not, such as the Kamehameha wave, the ability to multiply his own power level or the Instant Transmission move that allows Goku to teleport himself. That latter one is truly outstanding, we have to admit!
Under these circumstances, saying for sure if Superman is stronger than Goku or vice versa is impossible. Each one of these two beloved superheroes has its charm, and a lot of us grew up watching both of them in action. Who never pretended to go Super Saiyan in the shower or fight against powerful enemies to save the beautiful Lois Lane from the clutches of evil? Many of us who are now adults had such fantasies as children, as both Superman and Dragon Ball’s Goku have left behind an enormous legacy.
Perhaps we need a new superhero with superhuman intellect to solve the great puzzle of telling us for sure if Goku is stronger than Superman or vice versa.
What’s your take on the subject? Tell us if you believe that Superman would wipe the floor with Goku or vice versa! We are eager to read all of our comments!
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