Dragon Ball Super Shows Strong Reasons That Frieza Could Team Up With Goku Once Again

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The Tournament of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime left all the fans speechless back in March 2018 when the mighty tyrant Frieza proved to make a great team with Goku. The two warriors are sworn enemies, but Frieza had his selfish interest to fight alongside the good guys to save the entire Universe.

Since Zeno knows when the anime is coming back, the manga version of Dragon Ball Super continues to delight the fans with every chapter. Frieza could be once again recruited to fight alongside the Z warriors.

Granolah finds out that he was picking on the wrong guys

After Goku and Vegeta had been engaged in a fierce battle against Granolah, the Cerealian finally realized in chapter 78 of the manga that the two beloved Saiyans are not responsible for his mother’s death. Bardock, the father of Goku, even tried to save Granolah’s mother. The Cerealian even finds out that the Heeters are the ones responsible for the death of his mother, meaning the same race that employed him as a bounty hunter. The leader of the Heeters is Gas, a character who has asked the Eternal Dragon to become the most powerful being in the entire Universe. There you have a new foe that could be too much to handle by Goku and Vegeta! Granolah is even willing to team up with the Saiyans to deal with the Heeters, but the odds are great that the good guys are no match for the new villains, especially with Gas on their team.

Why would Frieza team up with Goku once again

Gas aims to eliminate anyone who might threaten his evil plans, and Frieza’s also on his hit list, along with Goku, Granolah, and Zeno knows who else. It’s obvious that it’s in the best interest of each of these guys to take down Gas, and since they can’t do it alone, teaming up remains the only option.

But the Heeters even have some special feelings for Frieza. Long ago, when the former intergalactic tyrant was conquering planet after planet, the Heeters were there to complete the dirty work of the Saiyans and sell the planets to the highest bidder. They were all under Frieza’s command, and the Heeters always wanted to take the villain’s role and rule the Universe in his place.

It seems as only a matter of time until the Heeters will come after Frieza. The villain is light-years stronger than he was back in Dragon Ball Z, but still, he’s significantly weaker than Goku and Vegeta at their maximum power levels. Since Gas is now the strongest being in the Universe, it’s obvious that he’s stronger than Goku and Vegeta, placing him much stronger than Frieza. This can only mean that Gas would be able to beat the living senzu beans out of Frieza at this point. Getting some back-up seems like the only solution now.

Frieza fighting alongside Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah is not like another risk that someone has to take. When the villain was recruited in the Tournament of Power by Goku, everyone criticed the mighty Saiyan’s idea, especially Vegeta. Frieza remains the one who wiped out the planet of the Saiyans along with almost all of the inhabitants. But Goku took that huge risk, being confident in Frieza’s power and promising him his full resurrection with the dragon balls.

As for now, Gas and the other Heeters are aiming to take down Goku, Granolah, and everyone who would be able to pose a threat. Frieza is on the front row, and also because they have an old score to settle with him. All these guys joining forces against the Heeters seems like the only wise move, and we can’t wait to see it put into action!


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