Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 89: A New Android Joins the Action and Battles Goten and Trunks

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Chapter 89 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, which is known as ‘A Rival Appears,’ launches today, January 19, and we can already get our hands on a lot of exciting information about what’s coming up. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new chapter is the addition of a new android created by Dr. Hedo, which is known as Beta.

Thanks to DualShockers.com, we have the spoilers for what’s going on in Chapter 89 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. As you’ve already guessed, the new Beta android is up to no good, and he will have some surprising opponents.

Goten and Trunks fight Beta

Goten and Trunks, who are now teenagers in the manga, will have to deal with Beta on their own. Although the boys are significantly weaker than their pure-blooded Saiyan fathers, they still possess Super Saiyan powers that could be enough to take down the new android.

Previous rumors about the chapter indicated that the manga would include the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out last year. This would be a similar approach to the one from the Super anime, where two of the Dragon Ball movies were recreated in the TV series.

What happens in the new manga chapter, however, confirms that the rumors were true. Trunks even manage to discover some traces of Cell in the new chapter.

Dr. Hedo is also the scientist who revived Cell in the Super Hero movie. Seeing Hedo in the new manga chapter once again represents another huge argument that the 2022 movie is indeed recreated in the manga.

We even got the information that a new manga arc will be connected to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie in November 2022, when we shared the news that was hard to believe by any Dragon Ball fan.

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