Dragon Ball Super Fan’s Astonishing Drawing of the Ultimate Fusions Goes Viral – See Ultra Gogeta & Ultra Vegito

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Dragon Ball Super has shown the most powerful transformations ever for Goku and Vegeta. Goku was obviously the first to be one step in front of his old rival, but the Saiyan Prince didn’t fall short for too long.

Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct technique against Jiren while fighting him in the Tournament of Power arc. That was the last arc in the anime that ended in March 2018, but Dragon Ball Super continues even today through its manga version. It didn’t take too long until Vegeta developed a new technique to rival the Ultra Instinct form: it’s called Ultra Ego, and we can’t decide which one looks best.

Ultra Gogeta or Ultra Vegito?

The Dragon Ball fan artist Renaldo_Saiyan put his talent to work on Twitter, gaining a lot of likes and retweets in just three days. He imagined what the ultimate fusions in Dragon Ball would look like between Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta:

Many dragon Ball fans have already tried to imagine what such a fusion would look like, even since Vegeta put his Ultra Ego form into the game against Granolah. Later on, Ultra Instinct Goku joined forces with Ultra Ego Vegeta to take down Gas, but without fusing. That was another epic moment in the Dragon Ball Super Manga that many fans were waiting for.

Before confronting Granolah and Gas, the manga has presented the Moro arc. That’s where Goku shined with his Ultra Instinct technique while Vegeta was still falling short. However, the Saiyan Prince still managed to play an important role in that arc.

While the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is coming fast, many fans are still hoping to see the anime return at some point. They shouldn’t lose hope, however, although there’s no official info about a second season yet.

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