Divine Power on the Go: League of Angels: Pact Goes Mobile

Today marks an epoch-making day in the world of mobile gaming as the monumental League of Angels: Pact Mobile heralds its arrival on mobile platforms. Players globally are poised to delve into the mythical realms of this legendary idle browser MMORPG, now readily accessible on their mobile devices. To commemorate this noteworthy transition, a week-long series of launch events boasting lucrative rewards await players.

As anticipation reached a fever pitch, pre-registrations nearly topped the half-million mark. League of Angels: Pact, recommended by Google Play during its pre-registration phase, maintains its strong endorsement as the official launch dawns.

For the first time ever, the divine power vested in this game is literally at the fingertips of the players. Magnificent Angels, armed with divine power, stand by, awaiting the command of the players.

Unraveling the Allure of League of Angels: Pact

The vast scope of League of Angels: Pact makes encapsulating its core features a Herculean task. The original browser version’s intoxicating blend of engaging narrative, casual gameplay, and epic grandeur has long held a magnetic pull for players.

Gamers have the ability to summon, amass, and amplify an array of breathtaking Angels drawn from the wellspring of religion and mythology. They create their bespoke team of celestial entities, plunging them into thrilling PvP battles and compelling PvE encounters, punctuated by jaw-dropping boss battles and raids. Unearthing the exceptional loot tucked away within these divine realms is an exhilarating quest for the players.

Boasting a plethora of Divine Wings and Weapons, each possessing unique formidable attributes, League of Angels: Pact offers an array of over 100 distinctive options that are sure to dazzle both allies and adversaries.

From pet taming to guild formation, heroics to social interactions, League of Angels: Pact has a wealth of immersive activities. Players will find themselves entranced within the mystical universe, on an endless quest to uncover divine secrets.

Celebratory Launch Week Rewards

For the ensuing seven days, a special launch event is set to endow all participating players with an array of potent rewards. These include, but are not limited to, a coveted Dream Outfit and one of the most sought-after Angels – Aurora. More events and giveaways can be discovered on the League of Angels: Pact’s Facebook and Discord channels.

These rewards are a substantial boost for players in escalating their team’s power. As an AFK “idle” game, players can relax and watch as their team accumulates power, only stepping in when their intervention is most needed. This casual gameplay has both developers R2Games, publisher Game Hollywood, and the multitude of League of Angels’ fans convinced that this mobile iteration is a perfect synergy.

To embark on divine adventures, players can download the game for free today from Google Play.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.