Disney Dreamlight Valley: Give Different Villagers a Sugar Rush in Haunted Holiday Star Path


Players participating in the Star Path of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Haunted Holiday event are tasked with difficult objectives that are presented in the form of riddles. Despite the fact that it could be exciting, for some, it has turned into a living hell. The reason? In one of these missions, you will be asked to “Give different Villagers a sugar rush.” Doing that is not as complicated as it may appear at first; in fact, it is a piece of cake. Until we figure it out, you may completely submerge yourself in the spooky setting of Disney Dreamlight Valley by exploring its surroundings.

Let’s explore some options and see how we can complete the ‘Give different Villagers a sugar rush,’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Haunted Holiday Star Path. Check out all the cool details below!

How to Give Different Villagers a Sugar Rush in No Time?

Candy is what you should give the Villagers if you want to give them a sugar rush. However, there is a catch here! The confectionery item must be prepared using either cocoa beans, sugarcane, or vanilla as one of its primary ingredients. To make Candy, a one-star dessert, all you need to do is take one of these candies and bring it to a cooking station together with some coal. This will allow you to build Candy. Nice!

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After the Candy has been acquired, the next step for the player is to distribute it to the required number of villagers and complete the mission. The greatest part is that you can really trade in the Lollipop Tokens that you have earned for rewards that are based on iconic Disney themes such as The Haunted Mansion, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Players who adore the upcoming frightening season will have a wonderful time navigating the Haunted Holiday Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which offers an immersive and exciting experience!

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