Behind PopularMMOs’ Popularity – What’s the Real Story?

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A tale of ascendance and descent, of prominence and obscurity. Patrick Julianelle, better known by his online alias PopularMMOs, signed up for his first account on YouTube in 2012 and succeeded in reaching 17 million followers. He devoted himself for over a decade to the process of developing captivating material for Minecraft, and things were so great. Along the process, he formed a business partnership with his girlfriend, GamingWithJen, who was already well-known in the Roblox gaming community. Back then, that was genuinely inspirational! Pat and Jen worked together to produce material for a shared gaming experience, during which they participated in a variety of quests set inside a virtual environment. What came next was a complete surprise, blowing most people’s minds.

Discover the full story below.

Back in 2019, things went from bad to worse. Pat and Jen made a video in which they announced their decision to end their relationship. They cited insurmountable disagreements over their plans for the future. The video of the split received close to 10 million views, which caused viewers to feel distressed and raised questions about what’s to come of their business and the material they create together. Pat and Jen continued to work together for a while, releasing more content. But then things went south for both of them.

Pat chose another path and started posting fitness material on Instagram. He and his new girlfriend, who would later become his wife, continued to post videos related to gaming on YouTube. On the other side, Jen started leading a more private life, and she deactivated her Instagram account in addition to never posting a thing on YouTube. Everything seemed like it was going swimmingly and was at rest. At least for a while.

Back in 2021, Pat and his wife were taken into custody on allegations related to domestic abuse. The event was the catalyst for further unlucky occurrences.

Back in 2022, Pat discovered that he was once again in legal hot water. He was taken into custody after attempting to enter a football field while the Jaguars were playing.

Since that time, PopularMMOs has been shut down and is no longer active as a channel. Pat has withdrawn himself from all social media sites, and neither he nor Jen nor his current wife have issued any updates on this decision. Who knows what the future holds and what are the chances to see a revival of Popular MMOs?! We can only hope for the best to happen to all of them.

Lucian Niculae
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