Diablo 4: How to Start Creating a Character in Season 1?

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Diablo 4 has “Seasonal Content,” which is only available for a limited time and requires players to develop new characters in order to participate in the game’s newly introduced quests, challenges, and other content on a particular world. So, how exactly do you create your own Character in the first season of Diablo 4?

We’ve come up with the perfect mini-guide on how to do that, including easy step-by-step instructions. Read more below!

How to Create Your Character in Diablo 4 Season 1?

First things first, you will want to make sure that your fresh Season 1 Character will be able to take advantage of all of the bonuses that your primary Character has unlocked on the Eternal Realm before you go ahead and create your new Character. Following the installation of Patch 1.1.0, the unlocking prizes that may be transferred to other characters have been modified to contain map surprises and the Altar of Liliths. So, how to benefit from all of that?

Well, it’s fairly easy, and it doesn’t need much. Be careful you log in to the “main” Character you have in the Eternal Realm, the one who has discovered the most Altars of Lilith and has most of the map of Sanctuary unlocked. This will cause their previous achievements, bonuses, and renown to be bound to the newly created Seasonal Characters so that some of it can be transferred over.

Now, let’s create a seasonal character, shall we?! Follow the steps below:

1) Choose “Create New Character” to get started with the process of creating a new character and choosing a class for it.
2) Navigate to the part of the screen titled “Season Info” in the upper left corner. This will tell you if there is a season that is now running; if you have already finished the Campaign on a different character, it is suggested that you choose the option to “Skip Campaign.”
3) Once you have chosen “Start Game,” you will be prompted to choose the Hero’s Realm for your Character. Because the Eternal Realm is the place where your primary characters are found both before and after participating in any Seasonal Events, you need to be sure that the Seasonal Realm is the one you choose before hitting the Continue button.
4) Once your Character has been fully constructed and placed in the world, you are able to start investigating Seasonal Content and Seasonal Quests, which are usually denoted by green leaf symbols. These may be found throughout the game.

TIP: If you haven’t yet completed the Main Campaign, keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to use the new Seasonal stuff until you have either finished the Main Campaign with your new Character or with an earlier character first and chosen to forego the Campaign.

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