Grand Theft Auto 6: Will The Next Game Of The Franchise Be Released In 2025?

The new Grand Theft Auto 6 launch calendars are being released by Tom Henderson, who is well known for his scoops related to gaming. He reiterates what GTA diehards wouldn’t like to acknowledge: we are a long way from the point in time when the Video game should be released as Rockstar only intends to get the most out of GTA V and new editions of the consoles.

A new game trilogy is actually developed by Rockstar, except that it will not be released anytime in 2021. Henderson claims that this following eagerly awaited product is expected to be publicly announced by Rockstar some time in 2022, including its premiere happening in the upcoming year.

Above all, as everyone remembers, Rockstar prepares for the upgraded edition of GTA V, which is tailored for next-generation platforms such as Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. 2023 is a date when we finally might receive some GTA 6 official news. Nevertheless, it is believed that only two years later, the whole development of the game would be complete.

Therefore no one should have their hopes for the next large GTA title since Grand Theft Auto 6 will be launched most likely in 2025, or even later than that.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming GTA game

Some fans cannot bear the waiting anymore, and a recent event proved that. In the most recent edition of the German show “Beat the Star,” an unusual occurrence unfolded. Just at the start of the broadcast, a man from the audience abruptly abandoned his place. He chose to rush on stage to face the confused tv host with an interesting question: “I’d like to know, where the heck is GTA 6? I’m still waiting for GTA 6; it’s been eight years.”

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