Cyberpunk Patch 1.2 – Numerous Changes And Goodies!

Cyberpunk 2077 patch number 1.2 was just released for PC and consoles, and a Stadia release will follow soon.

CD Projekt Red announced the patch release recently. It features a massive list of changes, including enabling raytracing on AMD video cards.

The modifications range from minor problems like (“After Boat Drinks Kerry will now hum his song while walking to his car”) to the fundamental (“Enabled Ray Tracing on AMD graphics cards. Latest GPU drivers are required”).

The list also mentions sections of quests, gameplay, cinematic design, open world, environment and levels, audio, animation, graphics, stability and performance, miscellaneous, platform-specific and other improvements.

Though the patch notes are hundreds of bullet points long, the list finishes with the phrase “And many more,” meaning that the update made quite a radical improvement to the game.

Here are a few Gameplay changes:

  • A new steering sensitivity slider was added, allowing for a reduction in all vehicles’ speed on all input devices. It is handy for keyboard users.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming while under the effect of the “Berserk” cyberware moved the crosshair with no player input.
  • Police vehicles will no longer immediately despawn after getting into Kerry’s car during Rebel! Rebel!

Quests also received numerous improvements. Here are a few:

  • Fixed inability to draw weapons at the Poppy Farm during The Hunt.
  • The Pickup no longer gets blocked if Dum Dum dies at the exact same time as the last enemy.
  • It’s now possible to download eddies from cracked Militech’s shard if it was not used during The Pickup.
Tonia Nissen
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