Cyberpunk 2077 – Finally Released On PS4, But There Is A Catch

It’s been more than six months since Cyberpunk 2077’s problematic initial release, and the title has been finally released on the PlayStation Store.

The announcement comes after Sony pulled back the game from the store in December, after numerous complaints regarding glitches.

The video game was full of constant crashes and game-breaking bugs.

The company went as far as publishing an online form for players to claim refunds for the game.

The game’s developer apologized for months following the game’s release, promising numerous fixes.

That comes after plenty of delays in the game’s initial release, which was set for April 2020.

CD Projekt Red, the game’s developer, announced that they are “working hard to bring Cyberpunk 2077 back to PlayStation Store as soon as possible” back in December.

Here is a tweet from th official PlayStation account:

Unfortunately, the promise wasn’t fully kept.

Last week, the game’s developer warned that the game would still be encountering considerable challenges on the PS4.

Though some glitches have been patched, others will keep on receiving fixes over the following months.

The game was re-launched as promised, but its page on the PlayStation Store reads that purchase “is not recommended,” which is sad.

The Xbox One version also got numerous glitches and bugs, and Microsoft also included a warning label on the Xbox store.

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