Clash Royale: Beat The Mirror Challenge With 3 Of The Best Mirror Decks

Credit: Supercell

In Clash Royale, the mirror is one of the cards that may decide the outcome of a match. It has been underutilized for a number of seasons since most players prefer to stick to the currently popular cards and work their way up the ladder that way. However, as of the publication of this article, the Mirror Challenge event has just begun in the game, providing players with a fantastic chance to get experience with a wide range of Mirror decks.

Clash Royale’s Top 3 Mirror Decks

The Mirror card is often seen in high-tempo decks. As a result, we suggest certain cycle decks for use in your games. If they don’t have a preexisting deck, they may build one or choose one from the Mirror Challenge event that best suits their play style. You can copy each deck from the list below.

Giant Skeleton & Sparkies

Credit: Supercell

This deck has the ability to win three crowns more frequently than others due to the inclusion of the Mirror card, one of the few heavy decks that can employ it. The Giant Skeleton and Sparky may cause havoc when deployed as an offensive tactic. However, the Mirror card may make a significant difference; if he were to use it to drop two Giant Skeletons, Sparkies, or Goblin Barrels, it would be reasonable to conclude that he had successfully taken down a tower. You may use it to increase your chip damage or to give yourself a huge boost.

The deck’s defense is solid, with a wide variety of defensive cards that can deal with ground-based attacks, but it has just one air-based attacker, the hunter. One of the most costly assaults is a counterattack, but with the assistance of the Mirror card, players may utilize two hunters to wipe out any approaching air or ground targets and keep on forming a new one.

Play with Mortars 

Credit: Supercell

This is a super-fast cycle deck that uses Mortar as its main offensive card and, if played correctly, can beat a lot of other decks. Due to the nature of the cycle deck, cards such as the Archers, Fire Spirit, Princess, Knight, and Mirror will need to be used several times throughout a game (if required). To make the structure safe, mortars should be positioned such that they can continually rotate around the deck. A mortar should be positioned in the center of the defense to draw enemy attention away from the main objective and give defenders more time to organize.


Credit: Supercell

A cycle deck using the Minor pair. Although it’s weak in air defense, this deck’s offensive power is off the charts. The newest card to be introduced to Clash Royale, the Mighty Miner, functions like an Inferno Dragon in that it suffers increasing damage over time. The Mighty Miner is unstoppable against ground forces, but the Hunter has little chance against aerial foes.

The offensive element of the deck consists of Wall Breakers and Miners, who, if left unchecked, may do a lot of damage to the towers. You may also use the Mighty Miner to quickly dig down the tower, although he is readily opposed. Using the Mirror, you may call in reinforcements of the same kind, such as another Hunter to wipe out the enemy air force.

Players have only themselves to blame for the Mirror’s unreliability. The onus of making use of the Mirror’s potential to one’s advantage is on the player since it can only generate a duplicate of the card played before it. A lot of people play the Mirror without much practice, making it a challenging card to master. However, the Mirror Challenge competition is strongly suggested for gamers who want to hone their skills with the Mirror and enhance their overall gaming experience.

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