“Checkmate Showdown” is a Chess-Themed Fighting Game – Watch Trailer

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If you’ve also been thinking about chess as a fighting game that involves two armies rather than just a simple board game, guess what? You were absolutely right! Chess is more than just a simple game; it’s one of the most complex and intellectually demanding puzzle games on Earth. However, the guys from BadRez Games wanted to take that to a whole new level by making chess a true fighting game.

If the idea sounds too wild to be true, you’ll rapidly realize how real the whole thing is! “Checkmate Showdown” is the new game combining the strategy of chess with raw fighting where the main arguments are punches and kicks.

“Checkmate Showdown” is now live on Kickstarter

“Checkmate Showdown” will come soon to the gaming world, but even so, it’s already available live on Kickstarter. The game was recently announced during the OTK Games Expo, accompanied by an Announcement Trailer, according to TGG. To further support the development of the game, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched.

“Checkmate Showdown” draws inspiration from the rising popularity of chessboxing, competitive chess streaming, as well as the resurgence of fighting games. It combines the strategic elegance of chess with the fast-paced action of fighting games, while it even offers an online multiplayer experience that challenges players’ minds and reflexes.

The development team, which is composed of passionate fighting game enthusiasts, promises a robust combo system and skill-based combat mechanics rather than relying on button mashing.

“Checkmate Showdown” will be playable on PCs that are powerful enough, while it may also land on other platforms in the near future. Only time will tell for sure.

An interesting fact about the real game of chess is that the longest-recorded game ever played ended in a draw after 269 moves. The game took place in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1989 and lasted for more than 20 hours. The players were grandmasters Ivan Nikolic and Goran Arsovic.

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