Check Out These Cool Cheats For Minecraft

Minecraft is still one of the most praised games that allow us to use our creativity freely. 

The game’s community is positively increasing, while the developers keep bringing fresh updates. With just a simple search, you can explore many impressive creations made by Minecraft players. And that’s not all.

You can boost your gaming experience with some cheat codes!

Here are some of the coolest Minecraft cheat codes for different purposes.

Set Time to Day

If you experience a difficult time at night in Minecraft, the following cheat is what you need.

First, turn on the cheats in your world for the best results. Next, enter this: /time set day in the Minecraft console. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about any skeletons, zombies, and other monsters.

Unfortunately, this cheat is not available on PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. 

Clone Some Blocks

You might find it hard sometimes to build specific Minecraft projects. And that’s because some blocks are rarer than others. 

Luckily, there is a cheat that allows you to clone single blocks or clone whole regions instead. You can include as well, some blocks or air of a particular filename.

The cheat code is: /clone <begin> <end> <destination>[replace¦masked] [normal¦force¦move].” Next, you have to change some things around, as follows:

  • replace “begin” with the right coordinates of the start of the Minecraft area you want to clone;
  • change “end” with the exact coordinates of the end of that area;
  • replace “destination” with the coordinates of the region where you desire the clone to be;
  • choose “replace” and got all the blocks cloned, including the air;
  • pick “masked,” and the air is not included.

This cheat is available only for the Minecraft Java Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition, PS4, Education Edition, and Windows 10 Edition.

Summon Some Entities

Summon some cool Minecraft entities, using the following cheat code.

First, turn on the cheats in your world. Next, introduce: /summon <entity>. Replace “entity” with whatever you want, for example, a skeleton, “summon skeleton.” 

You can also choose more options, such as a whitered skeleton, “summon wither_skeleton.”

Check out this list for more spawnable entities!

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