Best RFID Wallets For Increased Safety

RFID wallets are great in many ways but they also come in a variety of models and with a variety of features, which is why choosing the perfect one for you can be tricky!

With that being said, this guide seeks to get rid of all the guesswork and help you pick the best wallet out of an impressive list.

First of all, you should know that RFID wallets are made of different materials and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

You can find classic, front pocket, phone wallets, passport, money clips as well as sleeves.

Furthermore, they can be bifold and trifold and some are designed to store only credit cards and money while some also include a coin pocket and an ID window, among other features.

Usually, they are made from carbon fiber, leather or aluminum and come with lead, copper or nickel lining in order to protect your cards.

This means that they not only provide easy access to your money and cards, they are also great at protecting you financially and therefore providing some peace of mind while out and about in public.

RFID blocking wallets have to be made from tested materials able to stop thieves from getting your financial details.

Of course, you should maybe also pay attention to style and size when picking the perfect wallet for you and this guide will take you through a variety of options so you can do just that by the end.

After all, some of the most popular RFID wallets on the market are featured along with links to where you can order them.

But before that, here are some things you should take into consideration!


As mentioned before, wallets come in a lot of different shapes and forms including:


A clip wallet provides quick access to your cash and cards all while keeping them all well organized.

Keep in mind that the card slots are limited which is why you might need to put a couple under the clip and expose yourself to data shifting.

Credit Card Holder

This type of wallet is usually only made of one sleeve and can store a few bills and nothing more inside its pouch – aside from your cards, of course.

While this sounds like an inconvenience, it’s actually ideal for those who don’t like carrying a lot of stuff around.


A wallet shaped wallet is basically that classic, well known shape and comes in two options – bifold and trifold.

The bifold one is obviously thinner while the trifold is bulkier but has a smaller footprint.

And, of course, the most important thing, they have an RFID blocking lining that will keep everything safe inside.

Passport Wallet

If you like or need to travel a lot, it’s pretty useful to own this type of wallet, especially because your passport most likely has an RFID chip containing all your personal information.

With that being said, this wallet will protect you from financial as well as identity theft.


Finally, sleeves are great if you actually enjoy the wallet you currently own but want some extra peace of mind by adding some RFID protection to it.


Of course, holding your cash is not the only thing a wallet can do. So, before getting a new wallet, there are a few more things you should think about in terms of storage options.

Card Slots

It’s safe to say that the slots in your wallet tend to fill up quite quickly, be it with credit, library or insurance cards to just name a few.

As a result, you should count them all and pick a wallet that has the right number of slots for your particular case!

Picture Sleeve

Of course, we all tend to store our pictures on our phones or any other digital device.

However, sometimes, keeping a printed photo of a loved one, or a few, is really comforting, sentimental and sweet.

If this speaks to you, consider purchasing a wallet that features at least a couple of picture sleeves.

Coin Pocket

Keeping change in your pockets can be a bit annoying and embarrassing since it can make noise with every step you take.

In that case, make sure to get a wallet that also features a coin pocket but keep in mind that it will add some bulk to it, especially if you have a lot of change to store.

ID Window

Keeping your ID in a designated, safe place can be really useful so you never have to search for it whenever they ask to check your age at a bar, for instance.

You’ll have your drink in no time!


RFID blocking wallets can be made of different materials such as:


Leather is a very classy looking material that suits any style but keep in mind that genuine leather can begin cracking and fraying after a year or so of use.

Instead, if you want a long lasting wallet that has a better cut as well, go with top or full-grain leather.

Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

A wallet made out of metal is not only lightweight, but it’s also durable, guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

Furthermore, there are many style options in this category, allowing you to pick out more casual or formal types.

Natural Fibers

Wallets made out of natural fibers are animal friendly and come in a number of styles.

They also tend to be lightweight so if this is something you are interested in, it’s a great solution.

Flipside RFID Wallet

This wallet is really durable even if the owner exposes it to a lot of wear and tear thanks to its polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

Furthermore, it features an assisted open mechanism and is really easy to use since it has automatic locking.

The mechanism only needs you to press a button to close and open it whenever you need access to it.

It comes in 6 different military colors, 3 being camo-style (Trooper Green, Stealth Black, and Mech Grey) while the other three are lighter (Impulse Blue, Punk Pink and Flare Orange.)

Most importantly, it comes with 8 card slots and room for up to 10 bills.

SERMAN BRANDS RFID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet

This wallet is made with real leather.

It has a minimalist and stylish look to it, featuring a money clip available in ten different colors.

Furthermore, it uses advanced RFID SECURE Technology, managing to block RFID signals of 13.56 MHz or higher.

Fossil Men’s RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet

The Fossil Men’s RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet is made of smooth cowhide leather and features a number of compartments including 2 side pockets and 2 ID windows.

It measures 4.5 x 3.5 inches and it will keep your finances safe since it’s designed with an RFID blocking lining.

Bellroy Note Sleeve with RFID Protection

Keeping your credit cards safe from anyone who might be planning to steal your personal information is obviously really important but this wallet can help give you some peace of mind!

It’s a sleek and slim bifold style wallet that comes with everything you can ever need in a wallet designed to protect your information.

Furthermore, it also features slots for your cards, your bills and even other notes and random pieces of paper you may want to keep at hand.

Dash Co. 4.0 For Men

If you’re not a fan of bulky wallets, this one might just be the one for you since it’s thinner than an iPhone 6!

It is also available in a number of different designs and fabrics and some of them also feature RFID blocking!

There is also a so-called “preview” window on the side of the wallet that makes access to your most used cards as convenient and easy as possible.

Buffway Slim RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

The Buffway Slim RFID Blocking Leather Wallet is really elegant and made of Alaskan leather.

But it’s not just pretty, it’s also created with functionality in mind!

With that being said, it features a front finger hole to aid in pushing your credit card up and out of the wallet as quickly as possible.

Tommy Hilfiger RFID Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger RFID Wallet has a minimalist design and is made of leader – perfect for people who prefer simplicity and functionality over flashy things.

It features a large non-zippered compartment, 2 slip pockets and 4 credit card slots as well as a compartment for your cash.

Furthermore, it comes in over 20 color options so you can pick the one most suitable for you.

Travelambo RFID Wallet

The Travelambo RFID Wallet is made of genuine leather and is rather thin and unassuming at its 4 x 3.2 x 0.1 inches.

With that being said, it’s a really good option if you tend to keep your wallet in your front or back pocket.

It features a variety of color options (more than 15) and they all pair great with its crosshatch design.

But in spite of the fact that it’s such a thin wallet, it still somehow manages to fit no less than ten cards and over 10 bills!

It also features an ID window and two bigger top compartments meant for cash storing and other items such as boarding passes and receipts.

Naturally, if you need a wallet that fits some coins as well, this is not the one for you.

But overall, this product perfectly blends a small size with functionality.

Timberland Men’s Wellington RFID Leather Wallet Hybrid

This wallet is originally designed to be a bifold style one but due to a side flip out pocket, it can be turned into a trifold wallet as well if you so prefer!

Furthermore, it’s made of genuine leather and features advanced low-frequency RFID blocking technology that will keep your information safe at all times.

Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Metal Wallets

This wallet features a reliable metal body that will certainly protect you from RFID theft.

With that being said, it’s really sturdy, roomy and slim all at the same time!

It can hold up to 12 cards and also features a money clip.

Amazon Essentials Men’s RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

The Amazon Essentials Men’s RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet is made from a number of different materials including split leather, polyurethane, polyurethane, and cotton (which is what the lining is made of.)

It comes with six separate card slots as well as a compartment for you bills and window for your ID for easy and quick access.

Paperwallet – Minimalist Micro Ultra Thin Wallet

This wallet from Paperwallet is actually created by artists and it shows!

After all, it’s really stylish and bright but that’s not to say that it compromises safety.

This product can block HF RFID signals, ranging from 10 MHz to 3 GHz.

As for the material, it is made out of waterproof, thin but still durable Tyvek paper.

Flipside Wallets Flipside 4 RFID Blocking Wallet

This product is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and heavy-duty polycarbonate which makes it crush- and scratch-resistant.

It also features 3 RFID-blocking card slots and even locks automatically!

HuMn Slim Wallet

The HuMn Slim Wallet is cruelty free, which means that it does not contain any leather or other animal resourced materials.

Instead, it uses synthetic materials for the strap that unites two aluminum metal plates.

As a result, it’s not just sleek and modern but it will also clock those pesky RFID signals.

Furthermore, a variety of colors and textures, from matte black to mint green, are available.

Johnston & Murphy Leather Wallet

The Johnston & Murphy Leather Wallet looks sophisticated and classic in addition to blocking RFID signals.

The wallet is bifold and slim and can hold up to 4 cards.

There is also a pocket on the outside and three more on the inside, as well as an ID window.

And since it’s made out of genuine leather, you know it’s quite sturdy and durable.

Serman Brands RFID Wallet

The Serman Brands RFID Wallet is made out of full grain leather with heavy stitching around the edges and features a pull tab for easy access to your most frequently used cards.

There are also some really fun color choices available such as Canyon Red and Modern Black.

It features enough space for 8 cards and 10 bills and there is also a large ID window for your convenience.

Furthermore, there is also a hidden compartment where the cards are kept, increasing the safety of your information.

And if you feel like you might need some extra storage, there is a stainless steel money clip.

All in all, this is a durable smart wallet that you can really get a lot of use out of.

Bryker Hyde RFID Wallet

The Bryker Hyde RFID Wallet is made out of rugged, distressed leather so if you enjoy the aesthetic, you might really like it.

As opposed to most wallets out there, this one features not one but two ID windows, which is great for people who need a couple of different forms of identification on hand often, such as a work badge and driver’s license.

The stitching around the edges looks great and the wallet itself is really durable thanks to the full grain genuine leather it is made out of.

However, just keep in mind that this is not a very big wallet, only measuring 3.5 by 4.5 inches when closed. This could be a pro or a con depending on your situation, of course!

At the end of the day, despite the small size, it’s quite useful since it features no less than 9 card slots as well as two other hidden slots that you can use for whatever you need.

There is also a divider that is perfect for separating your cash from things like receipts you might need to keep around with you, boarding passes and other documents and miscellaneous pieces of paper.

HIMI Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Stylish Wallet

The stylish design of this wallet is definitely a good reason why you should choose it but so is its RFID-blocking technology that will keep your personal identity personal!

Furthermore, it features a pocket with a clear front so you can present your ID to whoever needs to see it without actually removing it from the wallet. It’s super quick, easy and secure!

Columbia RFID Wallet

The Columbia RFID Wallet is tri-fold and has a heavily coated leather construction that looks stylish in addition to being long-lasting and sturdy.

It also features enough space for up to 9 credit cards.

There is also a removable ID window with a thumb slider that makes it easy for you to take it out whenever you need to show it to someone.

TRAVANDO Austin Bifold RFID Slim Minimalist Wallet & Money Clip

If you are looking for a good quality wallet to gift to someone, the TRAVANDO Austin Bifold RFID Slim Minimalist Wallet & Money Clip might just be what you need!

After all, this model comes in a stylish gift box and with a silver money clip so the one receiving the present would be pleasantly surprised.

It also features 11 pockets suitable for storing credit cards, bills, IDs and more!

Despite this, however, it still somehow manages to remain thin and lightweight.

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