Best Consumer Insights Platforms For The Year

Customer insights help developers and entrepreneurs form better ideas about the customer base they are trying to reach. You get to understand their experience of using your service and / or product. The insights can help business people learn what consumers want from their business and provide just that.

It’s crucial to use a consumer insights platform to form better marketing strategies. It helps business people analyze customer feedback to improve the quality of the services and / or products they offer based on the people who used them.

Being aware of the consumers’ latest trends and desires can help companies stay ahead of their rivals. Providing customers with precisely what they ask for will likely lead to a long-lasting partnership with them.

These are our top picks of Consumer Insights Platforms for this year:


Medallia is a popular SaaS platform. It is one of the most advanced companies of its kind, as it can collect user data from various platforms like email, social media, in-app, websites, and more!

Medallia collects feedback and helps its customers create innovative ideas with the gathered data.

The platform works on virtual engagement and video content to be relevant and help its customers.

It features Real-time Data Analytics, predictive analysis, AI, and advanced protection.


Revuze heavily relies on Artificial Intelligence to automate traditional text analysis. Revuze provides valuable insight regarding customer satisfaction and user experience.

Revuze can help you rapidly identify the best marketing content and at the same time, boost sales and revenue, alongside customer loyalty.

You can also identify a customer’s main points and improve search engine rankings, thus achieving a quicker return of investment (ROI).

The main advantages of Revuze are:

  • Quick Insights
  • Easy Onboarding Process
  • Topic Detection
  • Hierarchies and Category Analysis
  • Clean, Classified, and Granular Data


Qualtrics is the final entry on our list. It provides a rapid and easy-to-use platform to grasp customers’ needs and the company’s employee insights. Using the platform to collect and analyze data will likely strengthen any business.

One of the most exciting details about Qualtrics is that it can give tailored decisions and strategies for your company.

Many famous companies use Qualtrics, including Nike, American Express, Microsoft, GE, Netflix, and others.

The platform offers much reliability, decent speed, high power, and it’s straightforward to set up and get used to.

Qualtrics also relies on AI and machine learning to collect survey answers. The service analyzes all the activities in real-time, and it automatically flags low-quality responses to include only the useful data.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.