Pokemon Sword and Shield and the Secrets of the Jungle Event: Date, Rewards, and More

Get ready for a new adventure with Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new raid event! 

The praised game will welcome an in-game event soon to celebrate the Secrets of the Jungle movie. Players will get to enjoy the limited time Cramorant Max Raid and earn cool rewards. 

Here is what you need to know.

The Secret of the Jungle Raid: Launch Date and Prizes

Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce the Secret of the Jungle Raid next week, for a limited time only, starting February 4 to February 8. So, be ready to join in the event, and take a level 100 Cramorant.

Cramorant is not a rare Pokemon, but it will act as a special boss, like Zeraora or Mewtwo raids. However, the best part is that Game Freak will keep a record of how many Nintendo Switch players will win. 


Depending on how many times players will defeat the Cramorant, every Trainer will get a special gift from a vast collection of much-desired items.

Target goals and all the rewards

The Secrets of the Jungle Raid event will bring players some of the coolest rewards. But there are some tasks that you need to complete first:

  • If 500,000 players beat the Cramorant: Light Ball, Flame Orb, and Toxic Orb;
  • 1,000,000 players: three Pearl Strings, Gold Bottle Cap, and three Bottle Caps.

The Gold Bottle Cap is indeed the best reward so far. It allows Trainers to max out their level 100 Pokemon IVs with the Battle Tower and the Hyper Training in Wyndon.

For those who Shiny hunt and got a sleek Legendary with lower stats, the Gold Bottle Cap will boost the values. 

But, if you don’t have Legendary Pokemon, there are still many chances to win some cool rewards. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield received its last DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra, last year in October. It’s still unknown if the game will welcome special updates, as it heads towards its 25th anniversary. 


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